Date Four – ScienceGuy

When someone asks me why I’m still single i be like “I donno i thought i was cool as shit…”


Spinners, Spacesavers and Scienceguy

Spinners and Spacesaver Bags

People often comment that I carry the emotional baggage of a thirty-year-old.” There are two secrets to keeping your past looking young and fresh. The first is to invest in a quality set of luggage that rides on the latest spinner wheel technology. That way even the heaviest bags can be carried around effortlessly. My second secret is Spacesavers! I suck the air out of all my issues before packing them in my bags. More crap fits in less space.


My fourth date was a cute gentleman majoring in Science (I forgot which one) at a local University. He was twenty-eight but it wasn’t until our actual date that he revealed his true age (Lie!). Okay, I do prefer younger men but not typically this young. On the other end of things, dating anyone in their fifties or older frightens me. I want to conquer and not confirm this fear. I will go out with at least one man aged fifty or older by the end of this challenge.
I met Scienceguy at a Starbucks near my home. I got the vibe early on that even though he was younger, he was more experienced at dating. He asked me a lot of questions about myself and I chatted away the first ninety minutes of our meeting. When he inquired as to why I was single, he was so polite, I almost didn’t recognize the question. “I have to ask.” he said, “How is it possible that a woman so beautiful and so fun to be around is not already taken?” I had no funny or insightful comeback. “I have no idea,” is all I said.

We decided to continue our date and grab dinner. We drove together to a restaurant nearby and I left my car at Starbucks. I should have driven myself. It doesn’t matter how unassuming someone seems, no more exception with my safety.

During the date I noticed polite things he did such as walking on the outside of the sidewalk and pulling my chair out at dinner. He was racking up some serious points. After dinner, we walked around a bit window shopping before heading back to the car.

I started to envision how our relationship might unfold. Will we fall in love despite the age difference? How long could it truly last? What about when I start having mood swings during menopause?

Unfortunately my day-dreaming ended as we arrived back by my car. He turned off his engine and asked for a kiss goodnight. I said okay. As soon as we locked lips, he unbuckled and unzipped his pants. I pulled away and looked at him, “Sooooo… this is not happening.” and the date ended.

The next time a guy asks for a kiss goodnight, I will clarify where and avoid this kind of awkward situation. By the time I got home, he already texted for another date.

My advice for ScienceGuy – exposure control in your next experiment.

Author: Kris Blyss

I am the underdog of the dating scene. Over-Forty and Plus-Size. I'm on a mission to challenge my limits and expand my world. Journey with me as I conquer my biggest fear - Online Dating

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