Date Three – BadGolfer

I just left date three of my ten date challenge. My expectations for this date were pretty low and I felt less nervous going into it than before.
BadGolfer’s profile pics were not horrible but he had a peculiar facial expression in them.

What do you think?

Apart from bad pics, his messages were kind, funny and respectful. The thing that won me over was he didn’t over text. We graduated to phone conversations. No red flags so far. I had forgotten about his profile pics by this time. Then, a few nights ago he texted me three new pics right out of the blue … At first, I thought, Oh, I bet he saw what was wrong with his profile and sent me better ones. No, they were not better. He made the same face in all three. You can make it too. Curl your upper lip underneath itself and smile. See what I mean? I asked myself, “Did he send these to break up with me? We haven’t even started dating?” Wait, maybe he was trying to be funny? I did say I wanted someone to make me laugh. I had already agreed to meet him so I deleted the pics and put them out of my mind.

We met for coffee today.

I hate that awkward moment when you enter a restaurant and see someone for the very first time. I arrived early and seated myself at a table facing the coffee bar entrance. Awkward moment averted. Such relief hit when I finally saw him. He was attractive with no hint of a lip curl when he smiled at me. He must just sucks at selfies. He introduced himself and told me about his family and career in medical equipment sales. He has two nieces around the same age as mine and really likes children. He is sweet and seems devoted to his family. Why then do I think to myself, “Why is he still single?”

Wait did I just say that out loud? Oh Kris, why?.

Then i show off my backpedal. “Uh, let me explain what I mean. I don’t know about you, but I can’t help wondering why a person over forty, never married, etc……single”
Judging by the look on his face, he had not thought about this as much as me. He went along with me though and said “I think your problem could be intimidation. You seem very independent.” I corrected, “It’s not my independence, it’s my intelligence and beauty” I laughed. Thankfully, he laughed too.
I wish I had a smaller mouth so my foot didn’t so perfectly inside. Will I order the foot sandwich special on every date? I hope not. I might do better joining a foot fetish dating site. Something like



Here is my profile

Describe yourself:

I enjoy super deluxe pedicures and putting my foot in my mouth. Did I mention it’s size 11?

My date with BadGolfer went okay and lasted a few hours. Our conversation flowed and time went by quickly. I didn’t figure out why he’s still single but I think I’m closer to figuring the reason I am.

He walked me to my car and we agreed to a second date. This one was coffee, the next will be tee. Can you guess what we’re doing?

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Author: Kris Blyss

I am the underdog of the dating scene. Over-Forty and Plus-Size. I'm on a mission to challenge my limits and expand my world. Journey with me as I conquer my biggest fear - Online Dating

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