Why am I still single?

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Week two is underway of my online dating challenge. The internet is full of articles on helpful tips and tricks to making a great dating profile. I even found a site that will do the work for you. Did you forget something? No worries, OkCupid offers a question/answer section. You can choose for yourself and then how you want your ideal mate to respond. I can’t believe I didn’t already address these on my profile. Thanks, OkCupid!



Does the church parking lot count? Just kidding, Mom.

These questions are great and if answered honestly provide insight into the person sending a “wink” your way. There is one question that doesn’t get asked on OkCupid. It’s pretty important and the sooner I get your answer, the quicker I can decide if you are someone I want to pursue. Ready for it?

“Why are you still single?”

That’s right. We spend all this energy creating the best version of our online profile and hope to catch the eye of our most beloved. It would be easier to look at someone’s profile and know exactly what you’re dealing with before you swipe left or right? I really don’t care if you shave your back hair or we listen to the same podcast. The last book you read is irrelevant unless I have an idea why you are forty-plus never married and looking for love on the internet.

But wait? I am over-forty, barely dating and looking for love on the internet.

Why am I still single?

If I ask Nana, she will say “you are just too smart and pretty and men are intimidated.” Aww, thanks, Nana. If I ask myself I get “you’re too fat” nice excuse, but no. There are plenty of overweight people dating and in relationships. Who can I ask? My girlfriends? Sure if I want to hear “I have no idea, I would totally date you if I were a guy!”.

I wonder if my internet dates will shed some light? It never hurts to ask.

Thanks for following my dating journey. I have eight dates remaining of my challenge and now one burning question to answer. Until next time.

Author: Kris Blyss

I am the underdog of the dating scene. Over-Forty and Plus-Size. I'm on a mission to challenge my limits and expand my world. Journey with me as I conquer my biggest fear - Online Dating

4 thoughts on “Why am I still single?”

  1. You actually inspired me to give this Ok Cupid thing a try. Last night I found myself messaging with a woman who wanted me to lie to her. She did admit she was drinking heavily at the time. While cursing Ok Cupid the whole time. Some Ukranian woman wants to find a husband, like now. Major red flag for me. This should be interesting!


    1. It’s bizarre right? You might find better luck at a singles Meetup in your area. Also heard plentyoffish was okay. I think okcupid really caters to women or at least that’s what I hear from guys I am meeting on it.


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