Date Two C++

I’m giving my date with “C++” an “A-“!


I had so much fun on this date.  We got along great, he laughed at my jokes and told me stories of crazy women he’s dated (much crazier sounding than me).   I wouldn’t change a single thing! Except for maybe saying this

“I found you on google without knowing your last name!”

There is really no way to make this sound impressive.  Nothing says creepy stalker like admitting you are a creepy stalker.  It completely overshadows the skill it took to get here.  I followed this up with 

“I wrote about you in my online dating blog”

This one puzzles me too. I’m still not sure what compelled me to share.  Overall, I had a great time and I think he did too.  We made plans for a second date on Saturday.


Important Update

I am laughing at what I wrote just yesterday about my great date.

Life experience is a gift and this date is the gift that keeps on giving.

254739 - Edited

The following content contains real flags.  Do not fly these at home!

C++ called me last night a little after midnight.  He was slurring and hard to understand. I listened carefully.   He asked me why I was home and not out having fun.  I lost my beloved pet a few hours before and was grieving.   “OHHHH,” he said, “right, you have a cat…, Well, at least animals are easier to deal with than humans.”

He started venting about his frustrating family dynamic, explaining to me how difficult it is to be right when everyone else is wrong.  Once he finished bashing his siblings, he moved the conversation over to me.

He said, “Now, I don’t mean this as an attack on you, but…”

I immediately put my phone on speaker and grabbed a pen and paper. It’s funny that later he suggested I should take notes.  “OH, I AM!” I said.  He told me his impression of me from our date.   He explained that he figured out early on that, my dating agenda is casual encounters and not a relationship.  He said he wondered why I was trying to hide my intentions.   Huh?  According to him, I have shifty wandering eyes that did not focus time on him.  I am also friends with too many of my exes.  This statement refers to our conversation from the night before when he said he couldn’t or wouldn’t be friends with his exes and I said that yeah I can sometimes.

I guess shifty eyes and friendly exes are red flags too.  I’m not posing as a single forty something woman looking for a relationship because I really want meaningless encounters with guys like this one.   Sorry C++, your code won’t execute until you figure out your error message.  Invalid argument.

Join me and my flags as we wave goodbye to Mr. Right Now Never.


Oh Cool!  Saturday night just opened up.

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