Online Dating Challenge – Day 3

It’s been three days since I joined two online dating apps – WooPlus and OkCupid.

I have received almost 100 responses. Nearly all of them are through OkCupid.  The messages have been steady and keep coming.  This has inspired me, and I have to say I am really going for it!.   I’ve responded back to over 50 messages.  Out of those, there have been three phone conversations and a handful of “we should meet up sometime” texts.  Another plus is OkCupid matches me with local area men.

Unfortunately,  I have to give WooPlus a D-minus with only a handful of responses and most live at least 50 miles away.

Since my dating profile for each site is a little different, I wanted you to see both.  My Woo profile is in my previous post.  Here is the one I created for OkC:

OkCupid Profile


I also wanted to share a few of my conversations so far…

Message #1

This guy had a great profile but left me hanging…


Never heard back.

Message #2

Any ideas what Mfbf stands for? MrFrustrated something something?

I’m not sure.

Screenshot 2017-07-30 at 10.11.52 PM - Edited.png

 Message #3

We may not know each other’s language, but I think he gets my jokes…


Good News!!!! “Mr. C++,” asked me out on a “what?” yes, a date!

This Friday.   I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Author: Kris Blyss

I am the underdog of the dating scene. Over-Forty and Plus-Size. I'm on a mission to challenge my limits and expand my world. Journey with me as I conquer my biggest fear - Online Dating

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