Over-Forty and Internet Dating


I’m turning 45 in a few months. My fear of dating has kept me single for almost eight years. I want more! I want to break free from the chains that bind and experience personal growth as I have never known! To do this, I will plunge myself into the icy cold waters of online dating knowing it only starts online and my dates qualify only if they are in person and not over the internet. I am going to look fear right in the eyes and say “Yes, fear I will go out with you.

When you challenge your limits, great things can happen.

A little background on me. I have a troubled picker when it comes to men. I make questionable choices that puzzle my friends and family.

My best friend teases me that my criteria for dating someone is whether or not they have been in prison or a street gang. The darker the danger, the deeper my love.

My thinking, of course, is flawed and I know this. Yes, I got issues. You’ve got em too. The important thing is we are all addressing them in therapy, right? Wouldn’t it be cool if therapists gave out certificates of achievement for the work we do in therapy?


Okay so back to my dating challenge. For my apps, I chose WooPlus, the number one dating site for BBW dating. One review of this app called it “The Tinder for BBW women”. Did I mention I am a plus size lady? My second app is OkCupid. It’s popular, has decent reviews and best of all its free to join.

Here is a screenshot of my WooPlus profile:


Author: Kris Blyss

I am the underdog of the dating scene. Over-Forty and Plus-Size. I'm on a mission to challenge my limits and expand my world. Journey with me as I conquer my biggest fear - Online Dating

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